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    Hello Ninjas!


    Thanks for all your inquiries regarding the new shipment of Ninja Sox!  The inventory is HERE, but the container is currently stuck at the docks right now.  There's been an on-going labor dispute with the truck drivers at the ports that's causing some delays with the final delivery of our products.  Frustrating, I know!!! 


    We will notify you by social media, email, website as soon as they're in.  Once we know the exact date of delivery to our warehouse, we might even offer pre-orders just so that you can lock in your pairs.   Note: If you're on the email distribution list, we'll be sending you an email notification once it's back in stock and we'll include a discount code you can use.  If you would like to receive an email, please notify us at


    Thanks for your continued support and patience while this all gets sorted out!



    The Ninja Sox Team

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