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  • Magic Show (part 3)

    Another GREAT day at the MAGIC SHOW.  We met with a bunch of vendors and made some really great contacts.  It was also nice to meet with some old friends from waaaay back.  All in all, MAGIC SHOW  was a great experience and I got a chance to make some really good partnerships!  I heard from some people that MAGIC SHOW was dying down, but from what I saw in the last 3 days, it looks like they're going strong.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next show.

    Here are some pictures from today (and yes, I'll upgrade my camera):

    The New Era booth:

  (a great company that supports breast cancer awareness)


    Avril Lavigne has her own shoe line called Abbey Dawn!  Apparently Travis Barker was there too, but I didn't see him.  TMZ...where you at?!?


    Lisa Raye McCoy has her own clothing line too.  Apparently she married some prince...I don't follow her on Twitter so I don't know.  :)


    BearPaw shoes:

    BearPaw shoes had a fully stocked bar...Thanks Dana N.!!!

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