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    This post is long overdue...  So my buddies over at have been revolutionizing the Japanese collectable toy game.  They have been working on this idea for quite some time now, but it wasn't until last year did they go full force.  I find it really cool that they are not only focused on the collectables, but they are also heavily involved in the music, arts, culture and fashion scene.

    Last week I had a chance to hang out with one of the founding members for 45 Fresh and chop it up for a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised by his down to earth attitude and chill demeanor.  It was definitely refreshing to meet good peeps like that.  In fact he helped me brainstorm some more ideas for Ninja Sox!  The creative juices were definitely flowing last week.

    So anyways, if you're looking to find some exclusive collectables or if you just want to read about the arts and culture, pay them a visit at or follow them on twitter @45_fresh.  It'll probably be the best thing you'll do for yourself this week.

    Thanks for taking the time to hangout 45Fresh!  Next time Mastro's is on me!

    I don't have any pictures from our meeting, but here's a screen shot of their website:

    [caption id="attachment_254" align="aligncenter" width="542" caption="My buddies over at Take a quick peek and see what's happening in their neighborhood."][/caption]

    45 Fresh is a leading source for Japanese collectables. From your classics to your convention exclusives, we're here for you.

    45 Fresh have featured brands and artists that reflect innovative ideas, which gives substance and meaning to every item that they create. We are constantly giving to the community a fresh, new outlook on culture, art, and fashion that is prevalent today in all our lives. Our goal is to be a spot where you can find sanctuary when everything else seems too ordinary. This culture is a life vessel that builds community and facilitates that creativity. 45 Fresh is built on the foundation of good people and good vibes, in which we are a purveyor of positivity.

    "Build to create. Create to elevate."

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