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  • Interesting Facts About Socks

    Here are some random facts about SOCKS:

    • In the 8th century, Ancient Greeks wore socks made from animal hair
    • Ancient Egyptians knitted socks as far back as the 8th century
    • By 1000AD, socks because a sign of nobility
    • Cloth was tied around the foot and lower leg during the middle ages and was held up by garter belts
    • 1589, William Lee invented a weaving/knitting machine, creating an easy way for socks to be manufactured quickly
    • Using the knitting machine, socks were able to be produced 6 times faster than by hand
    • Prior to the incorporation of nylon into socks, they were primarily made of cotton or wool
    • [Supposedly] socks were worn for sanitation
    • Shoes protect feet...socks protect shoes?
    • "Socks" are derived from the Latin word "soccus" which means light covering of the foot
    • Old socks are used to make hand puppets (hopefully they were washed first)
    • Wearing socks during sex makes it easier to reach an orgasm
    • Ninja Sox was created to serve 3 purposes: stop your shoes from smelling, to keep you looking GOOD and...see bullet point directly above.
    Keep looking your best with Ninja Sox.  You'll thank us later!
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