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  • Another Great Article on Fashion by Complex Magazine

    Complex Magazine has been pumping out some REALLY great articles on fashion lately.  This article talks about the 50 mistakes that guys make while getting dressed.  For those of you too lazy to read the entire article, here are a few of my favorite tips:

    • Tip #20: Lacing Shoes Extra Tight - For as long as I can remember, I never liked the feel of shoes that are tied too tight.  Not only does it feel like I'm strangling my feet, it also looks like I'm wearing my older brother's hand-me-downs.  Unless they're athletic shoes, cleats or dress shoes, there's no excuse for tightly tied shoes.  Let your feet breath a little, please.
    • Tip #23: Socks with Sandals - I was never a really big fan of wearing sandals to begin with (see Tip #3), but sandals with socks?!?  I'm obviously biased towards owning the right pair of socks, especially no show socks, but even I would frown upon this.
    • Tip #32: Shoes Wisely - I grew up in the sneaker era, so I know the importance of owning and wearing the right pair of shoes.  As a guy, there's only so much that we can do to accessorize and look good.  The ladies go their jewelry, handbags, accessories, etc.  The men are simple and only have a few things to help them look good, shoes being one of them.
    • Tip #36: Stupid Skinny - no explanation needed here.

    Have you had a chance to review the entire list?  All good tips, however they forgot to include Tip #51.

    • Tip #51: Wear Ninja Sox With Your Kicks:  Having an obsession with looking proper while wearing shoes/sneakers, I felt that it was only appropriate to add this to the list.  Yes, you guessed it: when wearing shoes/sneakers with shorts, please don't wear regular ankle socks!  Please don't wear tube socks!  And please don't fool yourself thinking the "no show" socks that you bought last week at the swap meet are actually no show socks.  Get yourself a pair (or more) of Ninja Sox and keep looking fresh!

    [caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Tip #51: Wear Ninja Sox"][/caption]

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