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  • Mardy Fish...professional tennis player and liker of Ninja Sox?

    So I recently read an article about Mardy Fish and how he likes to wear ultra low cut, no show socks.  Yes, the Mardy Fish who is a professional tennis player; the Mardy Fish who won an Olympic Silver Metal; the Mardy Fish who won six tournaments on the ATP Tour; the Mardy Fish who reached the final four of the Master's Series; and YES, the Mardy Fish who is currently ranked #1 in the ATP and #7 in the WORLD!

    But yeah...he likes no show socks just like we do!  In fact he might even like them more than we do.  He was quoted to say "I usually play a lot of golf at home. When you wear shorts and wear long socks, it doesn’t look good, so I wear short socks when I play golf."  I couldn't have phrased this better myself.  He's as concerned about making the fashion faux pas of wearing regular socks with shorts as much as we are.  (side note:  Ninja Sox for golf will soon be coming to a store near you!)

    Thanks Mardy for your thoughts and comments!  You'll find some TRUE Ninja Sox in your mailbox shortly!

    CONGRATS on all your success and I hope that Ninja Sox will only make you a better player!  At the very least, it'll make you a more fashionable person.

    [caption id="attachment_322" align="aligncenter" width="522" caption="Mardy Fish likes no show socks...shouldn't you?"][/caption]

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