Ninja Sox

  • Top 10 reasons why you need Ninja Sox!

     Here are the Top 10 reasons why you need Ninja Sox!

    10.  You want to achieve the no socks look without the no socks feel.  

    9.  You will avoid getting that unsightly tan line when you wear your crew socks.

    8.  Your shoes and feet won't smell.

    7.  Your outfit/shoes would look better when you're not wearing socks...or ARE you?  That's what makes us a Ninja!

    6.  Your feet will thank you for avoiding those painful blisters while your friends will compliment you on your no sock look!

    5.  You won't have to worry about constantly pulling up your ill-fitting no show or crew socks anymore.

    4.  You won't be embarrassed to take off your boat shoes, loafers or sneakers when visiting your friend's place.  Both sight and smell.

    3.  You will now be fashionable during all activities: casual, formal wear, fitness, sports, lounging, partying, being a ninja, etc.  We got you covered...or at least we got your feet covered!

    2.  Unlike other socks, Ninja Sox are designed to stay on your feet snugly without any chance of it slipping down to your toes.

    1.  Let's face it, deep down inside, everyone wants to be a NINJA!

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