Ninja Sox

  • SOLD OUT AGAIN?!? More inventory soon...

    WOW!!  That's pretty much all we can say right now.  Ninja Sox was a huge hit at the 626 Night Market on Saturday night.  We had people of all walks of life come up to our booth to ask us what the hell Ninja Sox are and by the time we were done explaining, they we're buying them up for themselves, their friends and their family members.  

    Due to the unexpected success (not a bad thing, trust me) of Ninja Sox, we've sold out on our latest batch.  HOWEVER, there are MORE (tons more) coming in within a couple of weeks.  Please sit tight while we get our next shipment.

    In the meantime, here are a few photos from the event:

    And of course we saw a lot of people out there refusing to convert to Ninja status...

    This was painful to see.  Hopefully they'll see the light one day!
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