Ninja Sox

  • ...and we're all sold out on the Larges again...

    Thank you all for your orders.  Today has been pretty insane with packaging and shipping out all of your orders.  Since we announced our restocking of the Small and Large socks at 4pm today, it's been non-stop work...and we still have more orders to process and send out.  We appreciate all the support.

    So, with that comes some bad news:  With all of our internet orders and a HUGE order from a local retailer, we have now sold out on all of our Large's.

    However, that'll always be followed by some good news:  Another shipment (with more colors) is on it's way!

    Sit tight everyone as we get restocked again...our sales are growing at such a rapid rate that we're having trouble keeping them on our shelves, so to speak.

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