Ninja Sox / random facts

  • How do socks get lost in the dryer?

    WE STEAL THEM!  Yeah, that's right....we sneak into your dryer, find all of your lousy, ankle high, wanna-be no show socks and steal them.  If they're still in good condition we'll donate them to charity...if not we shred them up into little pieces and bury them.  Just doing you guys a favor... [caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="337" caption="Watch out for the sock Ninjas!"][/caption]

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  • Interesting Facts About Socks

    Here are some random facts about SOCKS: In the 8th century, Ancient Greeks wore socks made from animal hair Ancient Egyptians knitted socks as far back as the 8th century By 1000AD, socks because a sign of nobility Cloth was tied around the foot and lower leg during the middle ages and was held up by garter belts 1589, William Lee invented a weaving/knitting machine, creating an easy way for socks to be manufactured quickly Using the knitting machine, socks were able to be produced 6 times faster than by hand Prior to the incorporation of nylon into socks, they...

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