Q:  What are Ninja Sox?

A:  Ninja Sox are ultra low cut socks that are truly "no show" socks.  They sit low enough on the foot that you can pull off the LOOK of not wearing socks, while keeping your feet protected from your shoes and keeping your shoes protected from your sweaty feet.  

Q:  Do they slip off my feet?

A:  Ninja Sox are made with cotton and spandex thread for extreme comfort and wearability.  As long as you order the correct size, Ninja Sox should stay on your feet through out the day...and into the night.

Q:  Do you have women and children's sizes too?

A:  Yes!  Please look in our store and filter by size.

Q:  Can I wear Ninja Sox when I work out or go running?

A:  Absolutely!  We designed Ninja Sox with physical activity in mind.  Unlike some socks that are super thin and pantyhose feeling, we wanted to make sure you can wear our socks comfortably, under any circumstances.

Q:  Can I put Ninja Sox in the washing machine?

A:  How else were you going to wash them?  By hand??  Ninja Sox are meant to be worn and easily washed.  Just no bleach on the colored socks please.

Q:  Can I wear Ninja Sox while I play golf?

A:  Yes!  We've tested Ninja Sox while playing golf, basketball, running, walking and hop scotch.  All worked out very well.

Q:  Do you plan on making Ninja Sox in other colors and designs?

A:  Absolutely!  If you have any suggestions on color ways, designs or patterns, please e-mail them to support@ninjasox.com

Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  If there are any manufacturer defects, we will promptly send a replacement or provide a refund.  All orders purchased during a close-out sale are non-returnable.